Skiing Options in Lebanon

skiing in lebanon

The amazing diversity of landscapes in Lebanon makes it stand out from other countries. Tourists visiting Lebanon are blessed as they have dual options of either choosing swimming in the Mediterranean waters or skiing in the snow. The mountains in Lebanon are tall and fully wrapped in white especially in winters. Lebanon is the ultimate skiing destination globally. People flood here throughout the year because of the amazing skiing services available here. You have six best skiing resorts available at a half an hour distance from Beirut. So what are you waiting for?  Pack your bags, gather your friends and take a flight to Beirut.

Best Skiing Resorts in Lebanon

Mzaar Ski Resort

Mzaar Ski Resort is located adjacent to the villages of Faraya and Kfardebian. It is the most popular ski resort in Lebanon. Mzaar provides an expansive area for ski runs and the altitude is as high as 2465 meters. The slopes are not extremely harsh and hence it is a favorable place for beginners as well. Once you are done skiing, you have some sensational Lebanese street food awaiting you at Emm Bashir.mzaar ski resort

Faqra Club

This club was inaugurated in 1974 and was among the very first ski resorts in Lebanon. It not only welcomes ski lovers from all parts of the world, but it also attracts a lot of tourists because of its hot pools and tennis courts. There are historical ruins and old bridges in the vicinity of the Club. If you are exhausted, you can go on a stroll to explore them.

The Cedars

Cedars Ski Resort is well reputed for its breathtaking views. It has a separate skiing setup for amateurs and professionals which makes this place stand out from the others. The Becharre village is situated just proximal to the Cedars. The famous Gibran Museum is nearby. It is where the most influential Lebanese writer Khalil Gibran was born. The ethereal Becharre-Qadisha gorge has so much scenic beauty to offer. You will find rivers, caves, springs, and waterfalls here as well as ancient monasteries and churches in the same area.


Laklouk is almost 2000 meters tall. This mount has the best alpine vegetations and the skiing service here is top notch. This is one of the most gorgeous places in Lebanon; situated close to the majestic Afqa cave and surrounded by natural landscapes such as waterfalls and springs.


Zaarour is the smallest skiing resort in Lebanon. It has an area of 16km based on slopes designated for skiing and snowboarding. There are 4 lifts to carry the visitors.

Qanat Bakish

Qanat provides a family-friendly skiing experience to its visitors. The slopes are open for all ages and are perfect simultaneously for the beginners and the professionals.

The skiing resorts in Lebanon provide a world-class, skiing experience for all types of visitors, be it amateurs or the skiing enthusiasts. These resorts are equipped with the best accommodation and transport facilities and offer an amazing Lebanese dining experience that you will never forget.

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