Common Customer Service Problems and How to Handle Them

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Working in a customer service field looks like an easy job, but the truth is not. It can be compared to solving a puzzle. There are numerous scenarios that can happen. From the start of your shift to the end of it, you are dealing with problems. You are the one who helps your client to resolve their issues.

Having this kind of work is similar to solving a jigsaw puzzle. Each piece comes in different color, shape, and there’s only one place where you can correctly put it. If you’re good at solving puzzles, then good for you. This article will guide you on how to handle each common customer service problems.

What are the common customer service problems?

Long Resolution Time

This is the most common customer service problem than are encountered by every agent. The first reason why it happens is that it needs difficult troubleshooting. The second one is because of a lack of communication. Wherein there are many kinds of stuff happening at the same time, and it doesn’t make sense.

How to Handle

You need to show that you care for your customer. There’s a huge possibility that they will feel upset, but showing them that you care would not blame you for not giving any damn at all. When it comes to lack of communication matters with your team, make sure to write everything about a certain call – even an email or chat including its exact time, date, and other information needed. If you cannot process the request of your customer, make sure that you inform the appropriate person that can make the request. Then, track and look if it is already solved.


Transfer of Calls Numerous Times

This customer service problem happens on a chat also. The main reason why the customer is transferred and switched to a different department because the representative does not know the steps to resolve the problem and hoping that someone else in a different department knows about it. The customer will lose his temper.

How to Handle

If this kind of situation happens, maybe its time to learn and discover more about the company you are working at, the appropriate person to contact in case a specific problem occur, and have a discussion with your workmates so that you will know who is the right person to ask for help. You also need to make sure that every time you transfer a particular call, you hand it over to the right person.

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Staffs Do Not Know

If you are a newbie to your work, you missed updates, or the problem is too difficult for you and doesn’t know what to do. The reason why customers get upset or angry is that some representatives don’t know to solve the case but still inform them about something they are not sure.

How to Handle

If you do not know, you need to admit it. Simple as that. In that way, you will not break the trust of the customer to you and your company for not telling the truth.

There are many common customer service problems out there, but only a few are mentioned. Make sure that you handle every case with politeness and extend your temper at all cost.